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Driven by growth

ManEngenius is the match between man and technique. They facilitate talent for complex construction works. We developed a new look and feel and a brand new website.

Matching the human and the technical

ManEngenius connects talented people with offers in the world of construction. Despite the technical character of the sector, ManEngenius focuses on the personal aspects of the job. The website and brand needed to reflect this combination and show its strength. It's the place where potential clients and potential employees find the beauty of this match. We developed a new brand and website to communicate these values.

Custom iconset

We created a custom icon set to reflect the wide range of specialties that ManEngenius offers. The icons play a big part in both the digital as well as the offline brand materials.

Mobile first

The mobile version of the ManEngenius website deserved special attention. We gave it a big overhaul and used smart techniques to make it just as usable as on desktop. A big part of this is a true mobile first approach: designing for mobile screens first and making the translation to desktop at a later stage.

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