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Growth capital for the brave

Capbrokers is a brand new company in the world of capital funding. Their unique and no-nonsense approach makes sure they can help clients get funds that are otherwise unreachable. We did a 3-day sprint to define their brand story and developed a new identity and website.

A 3 day sprint to kick things off

Capbrokers helps entrepreneurs get capital funding for accelerating growth. We developed a 3 day sprint that focuses on making sure we're telling the right story. The sprint created the first basis to the website content and a new positioning: "Growth capital for the brave".

A unique identity

The new identity bridges the gap between daring and trustworthy. We combine classic emblems with modern graphics to create a unique aesthetic. The website feels exclusive & premium, without being posh or pretentious.

Using Lottie.js for animated illustrations

The website feels incredibly rich (it's about growth capital after all.. wink wink). We used Lottie.js, an Airbnb framework that allows us to create rich and performant animations at 60FPS with native web elements. Without the technical mumbo jumbo: animations run super smooth and are really lightweight, especially compared to video's or images. Pretty cool.

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