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Well on your way

Great news for all the biking commuters in and around the Zuidas Amsterdam (the business district). You can now use a cool app (that we built) to see where all the roadworks are. And there will be a lot in next 5 years, because the Zuidas is getting a make over. That's why the municipality asked us to build this cool app. Had to say it twice.

Not missing meetings

The municipality of Amsterdam, more specific the project group Zuidas, asked us to come up with a solution to increase their communication efforts for biking commuters. We developed an app that updates the user based on their biking route. This way they will never miss another roadwork. Or meeting.

Quick validation with focus groups

Our first designs contained a lot of assumptions. So we needed to test those. We organised small focus groups where we showed potential users the first screens and flows. Obviously they understood most of our brilliant design immediately.. NOPE. We reworked the entire thing based on our insights. Among the changes were a (big) simplification of the onboarding, new icons and a toned down navigation.

Jump into the app with a quick onboarding

The app invites users to share their home and work address with a super simple onboarding. With these we can customize the app and focus on the roadworks and updates that matter.

Keep it simple

We developed a recognizable system of icons and colours that helps the user identify important information.

Lessons learned

The Cycling Works app had a soft launch. We tested the live app with a small group of users. And we're glad we did. As it turns out, cyclists' route preferences diverge greatly from what Google suggests. Sadly, our sophisticated solution with automated push messages based on your route had to go. Instead of this we gave the user more control over which roadworks are of interest to them. The solution is less detailed, but also a lot less sensitive to errors. Lesson learned: don't be afraid to kill your fancy scripts or complex solutions in favor of the better solution for your end users.

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