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Eneco eMobility is a frontrunner in the switch to a carbon neutral world. They are a driving force in the adaptation and implementation of electric transportation. After successfully redesigning their website, they asked us to envision the digital journey for all users: consumers, businesses, partners & installers.


We used interviews, customer service data and workshops to develop a good understanding of the customers journey and its challenges. This journey forms the basis for all our designs and efforts to make Eneco eMobility the best bet to start charging. Our vision was to design a digital journey with minimal friction for all parties to make the real world journey as enjoyable as possible.

Ordering a chargepoint the easy way

You just joined the light side and bought your first EV. After all the hype and excitement you’re faced with the burden of upgrading your house with a charge point. Eneco eMoblity wants to make this process as easy as possible. They help you understand all the pros and cons of different products/solutions, they offer advice on what works best in your situation. All in a digital first environment that guides you step by step.

Put people at the center of your digital journey

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