Digital experiences for people by people

People first.

We create digital experiences for people. “Who else?” you might ask. Not zebras, of course. Unless a nature preservation park wants us to research how we can use digital way-finding to ensure a zebra population’s survival. Then we’ll definitely design for zebras.

Why people? Because we believe a relentless focus on your customers and the things that make them happy is the best way to do business (and we might save the world that way too). It’s a long term strategy, which makes us a “not doing things for the short term” agency. It means we are your customer’s voice, a vocal creative partner and we are the visionaries that make the bold ideas happen.

Keep reading to meet people not doing things for the short term.


Every first Friday of the month, we organize our "monthly" where we get together to share thoughts, ideas, and get to know each other better during fun activities. It's a great chance for us to bond as a team and experience new things. Plus, we always make sure to have delicious food and drinks to enjoy!

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Meet the team

Our brand experts, strategists, designers and developers work together, making use of each other’s strengths. We believe in an environment that puts personal growth over professional growth. Happy team first, then profits. Happy people create the best experiences. The best experiences lead to the happiest customers. Happy customers are the most sustainable investment for our clients.

Founder & Partner
Founder & Partner
Front-end Developer
Front-end Developer
Product Designer
Brand Designer
UX Designer
Full-stack Developer (External)

Open positions

Akker is growing year over year. We currently have the following open positions:

  1. Senior UX Designer (full or part-time)

  2. Medior front-end developer (full or part-time)

  3. Medior Laravel developer (full or part-time)

  4. Design intern (full-time)

  5. Front-end development intern (full-time)

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