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Eneco eMobility


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Eneco eMobility (EEM) is a frontrunner in the switch to a carbon neutral world. They are a driving force in the adaptation and implementation of electric transportation. Their website was not suited for their ambitions and increasing growth. They asked us to design and develop a new website with an improved stack that could easily be adopted by a future in-house development team.


We kicked off the project with an in depth analysis of the target audience. Dozens of interviews with potential customers provided a good understanding of their needs. User journey workshops allowed us to pinpoint where the existing website was failing to meet those. All this knowledge formed the basis for a new information architecture and style and ultimately resulted in a better and future proof website.

A website for the future

We designed and built the new website with the future in mind. A flexible system of components and pages allows Eneco eMobility's team to manage their marketing and service efforts.

Key to the success of this project was a good handover to the (at the start of the project non existent) eMobility front end development team. That's why we shared and co-owned decisions on the technology stack with key stakeholders. It resulted in a super smooth transition on go-live.

  1. Web design

  2. Design system

  3. React

  4. Next.js

  5. Storyblok CMS

Detailed image of the Eneco eMobility desktop navigation
Detailed shot of a selection of icons for Eneco eMobility
Mockup of the Eneco eMobility Charge Map

Getting a grip on your customer journey with interviews, archetypes and mapping

Eneco eMobility knew they had to improve their website to stay relevant for consumers and businesses. In order to do so, we advised to start with a good understanding of the customer journey. We interviewed dozens of potential customers to understand what motivates them and what triggers them. We developed 4 archetypes that give Eneco eMobility quick access to the most common behaviours in their target audience. These archetypes were used to create a visual customer journey that maps the challenges their customers face. Knowing where the most relevant pain points are allowed us to structure the website and create a content strategy.

  1. Workshops

  2. Customer Journey Mapping

  3. Customer Archetypes

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