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Bynco entered the second hand car market with a unique focus on customer experience. They were the first to introduce a 14 day trial period and a no questions asked return policy. Bynco is truly dedicated to the best customer experience through curation, great digital products and the best service. They approached Akker to help with their digital first identity and taking their platform to the next level in an evolving landscape with better competitors.


Bynco’s focus is not on the most extensive offering or cheapest prices. Instead it’s on the best cars, customer journey and service. They want to make buying a second hand car fun again. These beliefs were at the center of our work when we designed their new brand identity in collaboration with Born05. Their new logo is a grown up version of their old one. Their new typography, photography and color system make them approachable, knowledgeable & personal.

We are Bynco’s partner for everything digital.

Bynco Worry Free

Bynco’s core offering is a combination of different securities and advantages. They offer longer and better guarantees, a 14 day trial period and actually help you find the perfect car for you. The independent position in the market allows them to sell without preference, they make the same on every car. In order to capture the essence of this value proposition, we designed the Bynco Care Free subbrand.

Internal & employee branding

We developed internal branding materials to launch Bynco's new brand amongst their employees. Your brand is only as strong as the people representing it, so this was an integral part of the process.

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