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An emission-less future for short-haul aviation

Maeve™ (formerly Venturi) asked us to help them redesign their brand for the next step in their business venture. Maeve wants all of us to fly electric by the end of this decade. They had a successful start as Venturi and secured their next round of funding. One key problem was their name, which was already used throughout the industry. They wanted to get ahead of the problem and reinvent themselves in a future-proof way.

Rallying under one banner: the bolt️

We developed a new name running through 200+ iterations, checking all serious candidates with trademark experts. We ended up with Maeve, a combination of maverick and aviation. The new name led to a custom logotype that positions Maeve as a force to be reckoned with. It doubles down on Maeve's unique 100% electric positioning. Futuristic and established. We help Maeve find the right partners to execute creative materials such as 3D renders.

We are continuously working together with Maeve as their creative partner.

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Our client

"Our rebranding helped Maeve share its story and successfully secure 
millions in investments."

Jan Willem Heijnen CEO Maeve Aerospace

On the fringe but timeless

We wanted Maeve to have that futuristic edge in their logo, without it becoming too cringy or obvious. The strong lines, wide spacing and low x height all hint to their technical background. The curved inside corners give it something human and gave us that edge we were looking for.

Futuristic and realistic

The website emphasizes the company's commitment to zero emissions and electric aviation. With clear messaging and prominent visual cues, visitors can easily understand the benefits of Maeve's eco-friendly technology. From reduced carbon emissions to quieter flights, Maeve's electric airplanes are paving the way for a more sustainable future in aviation.

Painting the sky orange

Inspired by their Dutch roots, the airplane design features a distinctive orange tail with a white electric bolt symbol, reflecting Maeve's dedication to innovation and eco-friendliness. Maeve invites you to join them as they pave the way towards a brighter and greener future for air travel.

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