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A new approach to digital transformations

That's what Momentum offers with their unique co-ownership method. They offer their clients more control over their transformation through a shared risk partnership. We created Momentum's logo, brand identity and website design.

Momentum at an angle

Momentum believes in growth and impact. That's why we've created an icon that embodies these values with an angled and abstract letter 'M'. Paired with a personal and approachable typeface, our approach reflects the personalities of the founders as well as the dynamic mission.

  1. Logo Design

A fresh, memorable identity

Momentum has a personal and empathetic appearance, conveyed through its soft colors. The illustrations are self-explanatory without being too literal. The service is approachable, thanks to the use of a soft palette combined with a serif typeface.

  1. Brand identity

  2. Illustrations


We created a warm and professional photography style to support Momentum's marketing efforts.

  1. Brand photography

  2. Headshots

Digital products

We emphasized interactions and animations to bring the digital products to life. Illustrations are used to convey messages more effectively and add a personal touch to the website. Icons are used to add substance to certain stories.

  1. Web Design

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