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Sentinels is a transaction monitoring company. They use artificial intelligence to help their clients - mostly fintech - streamline their anti money laundering (AML) efforts. The feature requests and capabilities of their software were outgrowing the design of the original product. They asked Akker to help create a new design and a design system for their software.


We worked closely with the Sentinels design team to test our hypothesis with their customer base. Risk analysts have specific preferences and we needed to account for those in the design. We create a system in Figma to manage many components, templates, structures and flows.

Back to basics

We helped the Sentinels Design team to listen through the noise of their day to day workload. In a few short workshops we identified key user problems to address with the new version of the software.

We tested our hypothesis with actual users and used their feedback to improve on our original ideas.

OscarProduct designer at Akker
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this project, which was my first project as an Akker employee. One of the highlights of the project was collaborating with the in-house design team, I enjoyed every moment of it.

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