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Personal outreach at scale

Whatson was founded to make email marketing work well for the B2B market. Their vision is to make the proven personal approach scalable by leveraging big data sets. The result is a tool that allows people to do email outreach and sales on a large scale while maintaining that personal touch.

We created Whatson's logo & brand identity, crafted a design system and are responsible for the frontend development of their website and SaaS application.

Creating a fresh, memorable logo

We decided to symbolise the combination of data and marketing automation with a union of cards. We paired it with a modified TT Hoves typeface and angled the letter shapes to match the 20 degree angle preset in the logo symbol.

  1. Logo Design

Crafting a DNA for the brand

With the logo as a starting point, we wanted to give Whatson a colorful touch to embrace their mission even more. The bright and warm color palette symbolises how Whatson desires their messages recipients to feel. We created a unique illustration style to tell stories.

  1. Brand Identity

  2. Illustrations

Reaching out: a website that convinces and converts

We create a branded website that sells Whatson's product and gives a sneak peek of the software. The website is built on a React/Next.js stack with Storyblok so it can easily be modified once traffic amps up and analytics are in.

  1. Web Design

  2. Web Development

  3. Storyblok

  4. React / Next.js

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